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Bartley Knives Album Release

Still feeling the high of such a successful show last night. Bartley Knives and Sophie Stephens and I shared the staged in a songwriter’s circle-esque performance at the Handsome Daughter. Alternating between each of our own tunes and sharing little stories in between kept the momentum and the show never felt like it was dragging on too long. After the three of us performed together, Bartley performed a solo set to promote his new album “Lone Goose” which he should be so proud of. (It’s so freaking good)

I’ve included some photos below from the performance and I truly recommend you go and check out the music of these two talented people. They really are such wonderful people and you will seriously enjoy their music.

Ah, I feel so good right now. I can’t wait to finish the songs I’m working on right now to share at another upcoming show. Stay tuned if you wanna hear them!

Sound, Phrase and Fury Feature

My friend, and other half of Team Summer, Graeme Houssin interviewed me about my involvement in the music community as a performer and podcast host. I was nervous to talk about myself but they made me so comfortable and we had a lot of fun. Graeme also has killer writing skills so it all worked out! You can read the four page interview here, on page 14-17! Let me know what you think and be sure to tell Graeme how awesome of a job they did!

Winnipeg Music Project Patreon!

The Winnipeg Music Project has an official Patreon page! 
After many long showers debates and many more months of planning, we've finally made the move! This is a totally optional way of supporting us and if you're following us on social media and/or listening to the radio show or podcast, THANK YOU! That's wonderful support and you can keep doing just that.
BUT if you feel you want to make another step in supporting the show, and you're financially available, this is the perfect opportunity because you get perks too!
All the details are on the page, and 100% of all patron donations go right back into the show. With exciting plans to release video content, live show performances, and much more, this is a totally amazing opportunity to show support for your favorite local music-makers!
Check out the page and see if it's the right choice for you~! Thanks in advance and I can't wait to get started!

John Cage Prepared Piano Performance

With my interest in 20th century music, Professor Horton and I decided to work on some prepared piano pieces composed by John Cage. I had the opportunity to perform the pieces in a Midday recital for my classmates and it was one of the most terrifying experiences. I avoid performing in front of my classmates as much as possible. Performing classical music confidently isn't exactly my strong point, although I had been working on it throughout the four years of my degree.

Prepared piano is a 20th century style of performance where with objects placed on or between the strings, or some strings retuned, to produce an unusual tonal effect. In the case of the two pieces I played, I needed two separate pianos because the preparations were different for each. Weather stripping, Stove bolts and wood screws were used and before I came on to give a little explanation about the pieces, Professor Horton came onto the stage and set the preparations in front of everyone. 

I was so nervous my eyeballs were vibrating. Luckily I made it through the performance and was alarmed by the warm and receptive applause. I was beaming and this is definitely one of my proudest moments of my degree.

Once I was finished many students, mostly composition majors, rushed to the stage to see what the preparations looked like. It was so exciting since prepared piano isn't performance very often 

Here is some footage of the live performance.

New Music Night - February 7, 2018

Participated in New Music Night at the Goodwill through Manitoba Music and had such a wonderful time performing in front of a friends! I can't believe how great the sound is in that place. I finally got to hear and meet Brandon based songwriter Mitchell Mozdzen. He is amazingly talented and I'm going to keep my eye on him~!

Here are some pictures taken from Manitoba Music:

Roland and Ashley ACI Interview and Vlog

With my youth mentorship in it's third month, ACI included Roland and me in their most recent newsletter. It was exciting to be interviewed about the progress we've made as a team. It's a snapshot into the beginning of what we've started and our plans. I've included the link below so you can read the whole thing. Also, I've included some of the video logs (or vlogs) that Roland and I have used as a tool to document our progress every time we get together. You can see were a just a pair of goofballs having a good time.

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Winnipeg Music Project Interview for Pledgeorama

I feel super lame re-sharing this interview on this page after posting it on the Winnipeg Music Project page, and especially since I just posted an interview of myself as my last blog post, but this is my blog so I can do whatever I want. A few weeks back I was interviewed on my own show, the Winnipeg Music Project, to talk about the show and the recent BreakOut West internship I had done. It was special because it was a LIVE interview and Jared McKetiak, the station manager, asked me funs of exciting questions about myself and music.

I really appreciated having him there with me in the studio because I was incredibly nervous. When I usually pre-record my interviews, I would be able to edit and fix mistakes that might happen during the interview. When you're live you don't really have that opportunity. This is was good and healthy experience for me.

Ivory Tower Interview

Back In September I was interviewed by my friend Kelly Hughes on his show called The Ivory Tower on CKUW 95.9 FM. We premiered my single "Paralyzed for Life" when it first was re-released in September and promoted the Winnipeg Music Project. It was a really weird experience talking about myself. Something I had done previously on the WitchPolice Radio show (which is how my friendship with their host Sam first came to be). 

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