Ashley Bieniarz

Official site for Winnipeg-based pop pianist Ashley Bieniarz.

Winnipeg Music Project Patreon!

The Winnipeg Music Project has an official Patreon page! 
After many long showers debates and many more months of planning, we've finally made the move! This is a totally optional way of supporting us and if you're following us on social media and/or listening to the radio show or podcast, THANK YOU! That's wonderful support and you can keep doing just that.
BUT if you feel you want to make another step in supporting the show, and you're financially available, this is the perfect opportunity because you get perks too!
All the details are on the page, and 100% of all patron donations go right back into the show. With exciting plans to release video content, live show performances, and much more, this is a totally amazing opportunity to show support for your favorite local music-makers!
Check out the page and see if it's the right choice for you~! Thanks in advance and I can't wait to get started!