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Bartley Knives Album Release

Still feeling the high of such a successful show last night. Bartley Knives and Sophie Stephens and I shared the staged in a songwriter’s circle-esque performance at the Handsome Daughter. Alternating between each of our own tunes and sharing little stories in between kept the momentum and the show never felt like it was dragging on too long. After the three of us performed together, Bartley performed a solo set to promote his new album “Lone Goose” which he should be so proud of. (It’s so freaking good)

I’ve included some photos below from the performance and I truly recommend you go and check out the music of these two talented people. They really are such wonderful people and you will seriously enjoy their music.

Ah, I feel so good right now. I can’t wait to finish the songs I’m working on right now to share at another upcoming show. Stay tuned if you wanna hear them!

New Music Night - February 7, 2018

Participated in New Music Night at the Goodwill through Manitoba Music and had such a wonderful time performing in front of a friends! I can't believe how great the sound is in that place. I finally got to hear and meet Brandon based songwriter Mitchell Mozdzen. He is amazingly talented and I'm going to keep my eye on him~!

Here are some pictures taken from Manitoba Music: